america's new aristocracy lives in an accountability-free zone
china's social credit system
chinese counterfeiters bagging big trade-war profits
plants light up when attacked
caned due to lesbian in malaysia
superbugs resistant to all known antibiotics discovered
ibm warns of end of conventional crypto
sexually aroused dolphin causes bathing ban on french beach
china appears to lead the crispr race, editing genes in dozens of patients
centralisation > decentralisation, for now
gigerenzer's simple rules often outperform complex models
how facebook content moderation works
why preserving strange and beautiful things is essential
growers are beaming lasers to stave off thieving birds
trump admits between 470-1400 people will die as a result of new EPA rules
civilian massacres in yemen identified by US bomb makers
white supremacists for trump rally over before it began
missouri republican who said hitler was right wins election
refugees escaping underwater bangladesh will be largest migration in history
assange goes after barrett brown - epic backfire
are humans a post-truth species?
china may help assad in syria
watch china's chilling new propaganda film
biohackers encoding malware into dna
mideast peace of westphalia
america, are you sure there's no need to worry?
paeans to the "postwar order" won't save us
the iraqi spy who infiltrated isis
china bans winnie the pooh
racist old grandpa insults lebron
why westerners fear robots and japanese do not
interesting study
fat linked to cognitive impairment
joe arpaio appears on who is america

venezuelan leader survives drone attack
jeff sessions celebrates discrimination
trump moves to end obama-era air-pollution rules for cars
scooter start-up "bird" plans to fund protected bike lanes
apple becomes first 1T company!
putin quietly infiltrating european borders
"earth overshoot day": humanity reaches worrying milestone
alex jones seeking $100k court costs from parents of sandy hook
what's wrong with donald trump? psychologist explains
after at least 80% of meetings, any decision taken will be in line with "highest paid person's opinion"
when people are fearful, angry or confused, they are tempted to give away freedoms to leaders promising order
facebook identifies an active political influence campaign using fake accounts

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australia trying to "fix copyright" by killing fair use
dutton wants to install spyware on everyones phones
sydney woman victim of drone stalking
australia's china reset
dutton could face no-confidence over au pair saga
dutton threatens to release dirt list on labor over au pair scandal
child refugees attempting suicide on nauru
murdoch crime family brings down australian govt, in an insurgency driven by revenge, ideology, desperation, and "patriotism"
government refers dutton's eligibility to solicitor-general
peter dutton, from texas, becomes viral sensation amid australian political turmoil
the libs weren't the only ones with a leadership spill this week
nz bypasses australia to directly petition nauru on asylum seekers
australia's child refugees slip into hibernation
space stations all up the east coast
abbott and joyce continue policy of opposing anything to do with climate change
kiwi pm says lauren southern and stefan molyneaux's views are not welcome in nz
australian computer museum society collection at risk from bulldozers
authoritarian white supremacist blair cottrell's skynews interview purged
horrendous images of australian drought from the air
kiwis grant 10 days paid leave to empower domestic violence victims
victorian govt backs gender neutral pronouns - they/them
lauren southern and stefan molyneax vile rampage against aboriginal culture
australians almost immune from ransomware
telstra user stumbles across "private" details of 66,000 users
the greedy little nation that sold its soul for house prices
emu war! australia is always at war with someone

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long articles.

the suffocation of democracy
mimetic tribes and culture
dictatorships and data standards
a portrait of a bluestocking
50 years after prague spring, lessons on freedom
how social media took us from tahrir square to donald trump
its the democracy-poisoning golden age of free speech
when should press pay attention to trolls
what drives denialism
cognitive research suggests we're hardwired to lie to ourselves
The biggest legal crisis facing uber started with a pile of vomit
how silicon valley became a den of spies
the conversations that cryptocurrency kills
meet the anarchists making their own medicine
inside facebook's two years of hell
what can britain's experience in the 30's teach us about how to manage the rise of china?


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bitshifter closed system blues
dj shadow takes over
kom om pax contemporary hardcore megamix
dj marky & friends london promo mix
plastician ep overdue
ltj bukem & tipper cosmic d&b set
factmag mix JASSS
legowelt trax magazine mix
living in my headphones with james lavelle
solid steel mix by hugo massien


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bruce sterling iot podcast
john robb implications of social media
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tory story
ww2 "comfort women"
jordan peterson discussing CARNIVORE diet with joe rogan
noel gallagher goes undercover on social media





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